Saturday, August 25, 2012

On the Radar: Blue Planet... from FASA?

The Blue Planet Player's Guide is finally available on DriveThruRPG. But instead of finding it under the RedBrick banner, it's under FASA. In fact, at the time of this writing, it's the only FASA product listed under this particular publisher.

Completely ignoring the product write-up -- I'm a fan, I want it anyway -- I skip to the following information:
Blue Planet Player's Guide™
Revised Edition Core Rulebook
Published by FASA Games, Inc.
Format: 352 pages, ~6" x 9", B+W Interior

This core rulebook is for Players and Game Masters. For a complete Poseidon game experience, the GM will require a copy of the Blue Planet Game Master's Guide (due out in October 2012).

Blue Planet, Blue Planet Revised, and Blue Planet Player’s Guide are trademarks of Biohazard Games. Blue Planet Second Edition Edition material copyright © 2000–2012 Biohazard Games. FASA and the FASA logo are trademarks of FASA Corporation and are used under license. Published by FASA Games, Inc. under license from Biohazard Games — Made in the USA. Copyright © 2012 Biohazard Games. All rights reserved.
Okay, no mention whatsoever of RedBrick. I clearly missed something, somewhere.

Still, a quick look at a current post on the RedBrick forums has the following message:
Blue Planet Revised Player's Guide Available!

Following on from its release at Gen Con Indy 2012, the Revised Edition of the Blue Planet Player's Guide is now available in PDF format from the following online stores:

FASA's DriveThruRPG Shop
RedBrick's Online Shop

Well, I don't really know what's up here, so I'll dig a bit more. I'm happy the product's out, and I'm just curious as to what's going on with the ownership and publishing of the property.


According to the new FASA website at, uh... well:
Earthdawn is a registered trademark of FASA Corporation. 1879, FASA, and the FASA logo are trademarks of FASA Corporation. Demonworld is a trademark of FASA Corporation and its subsidiary Ral Partha Europe Ltd. Fading Suns and Noble Armada are trademarks of Holistic Design, Inc. Blue Planet is a trademark of Biohazard Games. Anachrocosm, Earthrise, Earthdusk, and Earthfall are trademarks of FASA Games, Inc. Used under license where applicable. Copyright © 2012 FASA Games, Inc. All rights reserved.
So there. Hm...

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