Thursday, August 9, 2012

Earth 641: Future Posts

Earth 641 is my combined DC / Marvel Universe. Here are some of the things I've been thinking of expanding into full posts:
  • Skartaris and the Savage Land -- I have some ideas as to why they're really the same expanded location and how they're tied to the Sorcerer Supreme;
  • Skrulls, Green & White Martians, Dire Wraiths, and Durlans -- I wanted to unify, and yet differentiate these races, and try to rationalize why there aren't too many other shapeshifting races in the universe (and why these ones haven't been wiped out);
  • Metahuman demographics -- while it may seem that the comics world is packed to the gills with metahumans and mutants and aliens (especially New York), I'd like to see some numbers to sort of get a grip on the chances of continuously running into them. At the same time, I'd like to define how the subcategories of heroes and villains cross over -- Olympic level athletes, superspies, alien experiments, mutants, mutates, etc.
  • Major superhuman groups -- who are the guys who get their names in the papers and the various country watchlists? who have government sanction? who get U.N. sanction?
  • Magic -- seldom tackled, how do the mystically powered supers deal with other supers AND with the mystic sh*t community at large?
More as I put things to paper.


  1. Your thoughts on Skartaris and the Savage Land (adn don't forget DC's Dinosaur Island), and on the Skrull-Martian connection mirror my own. Good stuff!

  2. @Trey -- well I look forward to your comments when I finally do publish 'em! I'd forgotten Dinosaur Island though -- thanks for reminding me!


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