Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Inspiration: Ultima III Exodus - Races and Classes

I was looking at the old manual for Ultima III (which was my first computer RPG), and I saw the following table:

Interesting things going on here.

First off, the Bobbit is clearly a LOTR hobbit or D&D halfling. Next, the Fuzzy race isn't obfuscated -- it's the Fuzzies from H. Beam Piper's series of novels concerning that race of furry bipeds. If you look at the Dennis Loubet pictures, you'll see what I mean.

In the professions, I note that the Lark provides the ability to use any weapon, despite being limited to cloth armor, and still cast spells (at Half Intelligence). The Illusionist seems to be a combination Cleric / Thief, while the Druid can cast both Sorcery and Prayers at the greater of both Halfs (Intelligence or Wisdom, I presume) and can regain magic points faster than other characters. The Alchemist seems to be a combo Mage / Thief.


  1. Loved UIII.
    The Lark is basically a Bard, the Barbarian is a fighter-thief, and the ranger is a jack of all trades.
    In the actual game you could have 4 characters and I ened up with a Fuzzy Wizard, a Dwarf fighter, a human cleric, and a Bobbit thief (! -- low max Dex really makes them bad thieves) -- I did not have the manual, playing a pirated C64 copy. When I saw the manual later, I tried more of the multi-class options, including a party of 4 rangers (did not work out so well, no high level spells). You really needed a straight cleric and wizard to cast the most powerful spells.
    I always want to rip off UIII and IV for D&D, with the named dungeons, class-based towns, etc. It was the last Ultima with nonhumans, for some reason.

  2. I always want to rip off UIII and IV for D&D, with the named dungeons, class-based towns, etc.

    Haha, hence my reason for bringing it up. Not sure if I'll do it in D&D, but I do want to just reuse huge chunks of the world for a setting. No Lord British though -- everyone would just attack him.

  3. Thanks, Alex! There are huge swaths of setting and systems that trigger my gamer poetics :)

  4. Electronic Arts (who acquired Origin) has a healthy relationship with Hasbro, but it's mostly for games that feature Hasbro properties, so it's not far fetched if there are enough fans asking for it. I, for one, would like to play an Ultima boardgame (though I'd like it done by Fantasy Flight Games or Games Workshop rather than Hasbro! lol)

  5. @Dean: same here -- I'm a systems and settings junkie myself!

    @jasonbanico: an Ultima boardgame! Interesting thought -- WOTC has certainly dipped into that arena for Ravenloft and one other property that escapes me right now...

  6. Ah yes. Forgotten Realms. Wrath of Ashdarlon. And you're right. An Ultima Dungeon Crawl boardgame will be awesome. :)


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