Sunday, July 31, 2016

Testing out blogging from the iPad.

Nothing to see here, except maybe this pic from a slumbering project (Mystaran Lords of Olympus).

I do have some fascination with the Olympian gods from childhood. And merging it with the Mystaran Immortals is fun for many reasons.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Sale on DC Adventures?

I hopped over to the Green Ronin site to check out if there was anything of note, given the release of the Wonder Woman and Justice League trailer.

Lo and behold -- DC Adventures books (PDF and Physical copies) are apparently on sale. These books are, of course:
  • DC Adventures: Heroes Handbook ($19.95)
  • DC Adventures: Heroes & Villains Vol 01 ($24.95)
  • DC Adventures: Heroes & Villains Vol 02 ($24.95)
  • DC Adventures: Universe ($19.95)

All PDFs are priced at $14.95
All physcial copies are priced as above.

Pick up your copy now! If I lived in the U.S., I'd probably be springing for a hard copy.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Target that explosion and fire! -- Star Trek Gaming

With Star Trek Beyond entering the theaters, and Star Trek Discovery entering your TVs (if CBS direct gets it right), it's great timing that we get some more options for Star Trek tabletop gaming!

Thankfully, Modiphius promises a new RPG & miniatures game to satisfy that need.

Of course, there are other older options for both role-play gaming and wargaming fans that you can take a look at. And some non-branded SF gaming options as well.

It may be time to update my old posts from 2010 for the plethora of gaming options in the classic Trek universe. But for now, here are the links:

Saturday, July 23, 2016

D&D 5th Edition: Classic Modules

There's a group of folks doing some conversions of classic modules to 5th Edition. Hence the name: Classic Modules today.

My longtime fascination with Mystara has naturally brought my attention to several modules set in that milieu, which are:

B2: Keep on the Borderlands
B3: Palace of the Silver Princess
X2: Chateau d'Amberville (Castle Amber)

Naturally, you still need the original modules. But you can find those online at DriveThruRPG as well at

I really wish that all the classic Mystara adventures could be converted -- but for me, that's just compleatist talk.

I'm looking at maybe creating some output as well for the 5th Edition rules, but with an approach that's slightly different from the climb to 20th level. Or perhaps, it's a back-to-classics approach after all. I'll post again when I've got it clear in my head.

Whew, it's dusty!

I've been gone a while. Writing takes time, as many of you know. And I've been writing other things. Mostly stuff for work, or letters for my child's schooling, or reviewers for same child.

And then there's the fiction that I'm trying to get back into.

Will I come back to this? We'll see -- dipping my toes again into it. Some quick things:

  • D&D 5th Edition is the rough basis for the current game I'm playing in. Not sure what elements aside from the game summaries I'll be posting. Maybe an alternating post -- game summaries, plus one or two elements from the game as a useful bit of crunch or fluff in the next day's post?
  • Fading Suns has a lot of possible new systems out there, and I've not even gone through the current system and updated setting yet.
  • And of course, Things I Learned From Champions has a few more posts, and options for expansion into other games...