Saturday, March 5, 2016

Dark Corners of Calidar: Cosmological Musings

I was looking at old posts. One of them was from this post by Bruce Heard a couple of years ago:

It is a snapshot of the planets and other celestial bodies of Soltan Ephemeris. And I immediately flashed back to the following image from my post from some years back as well.

It is a a representation of the magnetic fields of the Earth, protecting it from radiation somewhat. The field is, of course, believed to be "generated by electric currents in the conductive material of its core, created by convection currents due to heat escaping from the core".

I have theorised the following for Enigmundia:

"There are conflicting tales about Enigmundia's Hollow Earth is because the 'center' of the world actually a collection of spheres that roil and revolve and rotate inside Enigmundia's aetheric core. 
What are in the spheres? Some are Ages, preserved spheres of magical reality that act as reservations for races, zoos for creatures, and prisons for gods, titans, demons, and other terrible creatures. Others are pure spheres of magical principle. Others are broken remnants of realities, dimensions, and universes, and perhaps a dead or dormant god or three. Despite their seemingly chaotic dance within the aetheric core, they have settled into a semi-regular pattern for certain intersections with the material plane, resulting in cities and worlds that intersect with Enigmundia on constant, daily, nightly, weekly, monthly, yearly cycles, or the occasional weird every 100 years. 
Their movement and interaction has made possible the current, mostly stable set of magical laws that work on a relatively thin layer of the world's material and aetheric atmosphere that eventually shift and even get chaotic as you go further out. There are, of course, nodes of strange magic that wander here and there, and (very) occasional catastrophic changes in the overall magical field due to some inherent instability in the Dance of Ages, leading to (if lucky) the subtle changing of magical rules to (if unlucky) a rewriting of the rules of reality. 
However, the existence of this field protects us from the outsiders, who -- try as they might -- cannot penetrate this powerful, chimeric, chaotic field of energy borne from the fierce interactions between powerful sources of reality bending Ages, spheres, and realities."

I suppose something similar can be applied to Calidar and its planets. Something to muse on further, as I begin to populate the Dark Corners of Calidar.