Sunday, August 12, 2012

Enigmundia: Lords of the Kingdom of the Wheel

Not to scale. Use at your own peril.
Further thoughts on megadungeons, the Kingdom of the Wheel, and a strange intersection with the God in the Machine campaign premise brought me to this:
  • The OverKing ruled over the Kingdom of the Wheel
  • Portions of the Kingdom of the Wheel were ruled by the KeyLords. The KeyLords were masters of the arcs, tangents, secants and chords. They were also wielders of the Keys -- strange magical wands, rods, and staves resembling oversized tuning forks that hummed with strange eldritch energies

Then came the war with Discord.
  • It shattered the Kingdom of the Wheel, sundered hubs from spokes, splintered arcs, shredded important segments of the architecture of the Grand Wheel.
  • It fractured the unity of the Council of Sleep. A maddened handful of KeyLords wished to awaken the Keys before their time and were punished and banished from the Hub.
  • It scattered and isolated the Congress of KeyLords across the broken remnants of the Grand Wheel.

Ultimately, the Kingdom of the Wheel was broken and the Core of the Wheel, the seat of the OverKing's power was lost.

Those who know of its history struggle to unearth its ancient secrets. Ancient allies and enemies struggle to recover artifacts from this plane-spanning civilization.

But it is rumored that a few surviving KeyLords are quietly gathering the lost Keys. But to what end?


  1. Nice. :D

    I'm looking forward to learning more of the details of this tale. :D


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