Friday, March 1, 2019

Gaming with the Kid

I wanted to get my kid into gaming. Not only is it one of my favorite forms of recreation -- I believe it taught me a great many things due to the nature of at-the-table game play, and all the reading and preparation between games.

And I had a plan.

Pokemon Investigators in Spaaaaaaaaaaaace!

He had demonstrated an interest in Pokemon... well, okay. He's a recovering Pokemon fanatic with near-encyclopedic knowledge of Pokemon up until he stopped following them. And he's still thrilled when we play Pokemon Go on occasion.

Plus, he really likes the Space Mice series from the Geronimo Stilton mega-franchise of books. To keep things simple, I decided we should play...

Ashen Stars meets Mutant City Blues, except instead of superhuman police, we have Pokemon Trainers-turned-Investigators sent out on Lazer-like missions, with a twist towards the Bubblegumshoe creation of a Solar System "neighborhood"!

But then I realized the work involved, and came to my senses.

Then he started asking me about how the Cartoon Network heroes might be able to take down Superman or any of the other DC animated heroes and I began to look at Hero 6th Edition. And that's where I am now. Figuring out how the decoupled HERO System, which I've never played, might be the gateway for my son's gaming interests.

Hello, old friend.


  1. My son, who is 12 now, recently expressed interest in the Hero System as well, and made his first character.

    I would recommend you check out Hero System Basic, which is the 6e equivalent to Sidekick (5e) or Hero System Rulebook #500 (4e). It's much slimmer and more easily digestible. 90% of the utility of the full rulebook at about 10% of the page count.

    There is also Champions Complete, which is more or less HS Basic plus supers genre content.

    Either way, much more compact. The full 2 volume rule books are better used as reference works for rules clarifications, advanced options, and so on.

  2. Thanks for the suggestions! I think I’ll do that and upload copies to his iPad as well. So he can practice reading up on things when I’m not around.

  3. For easy character creation, check out the new character creation decks Hero Games released.

  4. Another option for you could be Cartoon Action Hour.


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