Saturday, June 9, 2012

On the Radar: More Marvel Heroic Roleplaying

I was doing some online research for the Cortex / Cortex Plus system by Margaret Weis Games, specifically for the Marvel Heroic Roleplaying RPG, and happened upon the following images on Amazon:

Marvel Heroic Roleplaying: Civil War Event Book Essentials

Marvel Heroic Roleplaying: Civil War - 50 States Initiative

I like this last book in particular, because it seems like this will finally provide a more detailed set of rules for creating your own heroes and team:
Tony Stark's grand idea following the Superhuman Registration Act is the Initiative, a coast-to-coast operation that sets up Super Hero teams in every state. Train your heroes at Camp Hammond and set up your team in preparation for the next threat to law and order! Includes a full roster of Initiative members and new trainees ready to drop into your Civil War campaign.

Unfortunately, based on the release date, we can expect it some time around July 10, 2012. So that's a bit of a wait.

In the meantime, I am reviewing the rules for a small, intimate, getting-to-know-you play-by-post playtest with a couple of friends. More on that in another post.

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  1. Quick update: apparently the event gets released this month according to Cam Banks on the forums.


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