Sunday, April 1, 2012

Ibong Adarna / Adarna Bird -- D&D Stats!

From the blog Save vs. Dragon, we find 0E/BX/1E stats for the Adarna Bird, also known as the Ibong Adarna.

I'm pleased with this entry because it features one of the most well-known Filipino myths / fairy tales / stories in epic poetry format. Check out the wikipedia entry on the Ibong Adarna here.

Won't recount the story here, go to the article for that. But I do leave you with art by Gerry Alanguilan (Winner of the Best Asian Album in Prix-Asie ACBD, France 2011 for his work on Elmer) on the mystical bird in question.

By Gerry Alanguilan (taken from his deviantart account)


  1. Very nice illustration - puts me in mind of the old carved prints you would find in very old books.

  2. very cool. thanks for posting the link to quite the story! i only have one question for Svd... only 1 attack of peck/gouge? what about turning people to stone?!!!

    1. I know! I've posted on SVD to recommend that addition to the abilities. :)

  3. That is one *beautiful* illustration.


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