Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Champions: One Earth - 2024 Update

Surprise, surprise. I was able to continue my campaign up until about 3 weekends ago, when a family tragedy finally pushed me to take a break on a number of things.

I was able to pull the trigger on my take on time travel, and the Dark Future That Must Be Averted trope. Except that I seeded at least two (2) Dark Futures, and will seed a few more. One of those dark futures:

(art taken from hyperlinks in image)

(art from Marvel Zombicide game)

Yes, a dark future that combined both the Marvel Zombies & DCeased storylines. To give the PCs a chance at survival, I sent them to this dark future in a research (?) facility located in the Blue Area of the Moon, where they encountered some former heroes and villains zombified by a variant of the Anti-Life equation before hurrying back to their own time.

The other dark future was a classic that Marvel has already revisited multiple times -- the Days of Future Past future that haunts the X-comics line. This future visited their present, with different versions of Sentinels (with technology clearly traceable to a supposedly discontinued Project: Wideawake in my campaign's timeline) traveling from various futures to the present.

But now, it's time for a brief hiatus, because the power levels for PCs need to be revisited and adjusted before the next phase of my campaign.

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