Saturday, June 30, 2012

MHRP: One team-up over, another on the horizon

The Spider-man & Daredevil team did quite well in the two action scenes on The Raft in the default Mini-Event. They squared off against Carnage, drove back a mob that included Crossbones and Mr. Fear, and managed to pull off some pretty cool stunts.

I'll post the gameplay summaries from the collated e-mail threads we used, but I have to say that the resolution is pretty fast once every body understands the rules.

I think one of the contributing factors is the ease with which all of us can respond to e-mail threads, given WiFi access, smartphones, and tablets.

Next up involves playing with our own characters in the Marvel Event: Civil War. One player has already submitted his character sheet, and I expect to see the next one later this afternoon. Plus, another friend who recently moved to Canada has shared interest in playing the equivalent of O.M.A.C. in the PBEM.

I'll need to go over them all, understand their backgrounds and see how they weave into the overall storylines. Funny thing is, I really tuned out of Marvel (more than normal, being a mostly DC guy) during this event and now I'm going back to see some of the books to flesh things out. But I'm not gonna be a slave to published canon -- it's an alternate timeline in my mind! Am toying with setting it in a DC / Marvel universe, but I just don't have the time to work on that mega-setting.

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