Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Enigmundia: "Priests of the Devil" part 01

(image taken from the 1st episode of Amaya)
In Zan Lasario, there is much talk of the indigenous wielders of magic and witchcraft. Studies by the priests and the learned of the Pio Familia churches throughout the lands have compiled the following list of names and archetypes:

  1. the Katolonan or Baylan -- "Apparently a high priest or priestess of sorts, held in high regard by the natives. They are wise women, keepers of ancient wisdom and, according to locals, are on good terms what they believe to be the spirits of their ancestors who are called anitos and the spirits of the land who are called engkantos, but are clearly demons and devils in disguise -- perhaps from the lowest circles and arcs of the infernal layers as per Fr. Diego Lopez's writings. Many are women, but some appear to be male with mannerisms and affectations of femininity. Characteristic of their look is long hair; it is apparently a measure of their dedication to their pagan beliefs."
  2. the Mangauay -- "Seem to be witches that specialize in healing, but are also suspected of spreading illness and deadly diseases among the populace. As per our beliefs that true healing can only come from the Blessed Family, it is likely that these evil practitioners merely transfer illness from petitioners to new victims. Interestingly, there is a whispered tale of a mortal servant of the native's evil god that goes by the same name, and apparently has similar abilities. The mortal agents are apparently important because the thresholds of lives and homes can only be violated by mortals or spirits being invited in."
  3. the Manisilat -- "A foul witch that supposedly specializes in matters of the heart, but seems to specialize aiding women to ensnare married men (and visa versa) thus breaking up what passes for married couples in these pagan lands. It is only right that we have come to these lands to sanctify their homes and lives and defend them. Curiously, there are rumors that these witches are all the same creature -- a single 'mortal agent' of an over-devil of sorts known as Sitan."
More to come in part 02

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