Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Two from Nosfecatu

Since I've been posting about Filipino stuff, I think I'd be remiss in my duties if I didn't point out that there are already some inexpensive sources of Filipino D&D material out from Nosfecatu. It's all for 4e, but you can probably get some decent conversions of their abilities from the source material.

Here's the cover and description for Asuang - Shapechanging Horrors:
Hey lady, you dropped your
lower half down there...
A malevolent hunger stirs in the dark corners of the woods. With their inhuman forms they crawl, they fly, and they leap; inching closer toward the sound of the rolling ocean waves, toward the town and its lively chorus. You stop as you sense their otherworldly eyes watching you, their tongues longing for the taste of your entrails. You brace yourself as they step out of the darkness - and are surprised to see that they can wear a human form just like you.
Asuang: Shapechanging Horrors is an illustrated, 18-page product that showcases some of the iconic monsters of Philippine folklore. It tackles the different stories common folk tell regarding these creatures, as well as storytelling themes that a gamemaster can use to integrate these creatures into any campaign. Intended for the 4th Edition of the Dungeons and Dragons game, this product presents eight new monsters ranging from levels 4 to 18 - all in a new, updated statblock format. Some of these monsters include:
The tianak: Undead creatures created from unborn children infused with an asuang's blood.
The sigbin: Shadowborn asuangs that can assume the form of misshapen black hounds.
The manananggal: Malevolent spellcasters who sprout wings and segment their torsos to fly off into the night to hunt prey. 
And here's the cover to Tikbalang - Guardians of Kalikasan:
Do you know that there is/was
a band called "Tame the Tikbalang"?
You gained some sort of boon if
you did so, since Tikbalangs aren't
always considered nice folklore-wise.
The Buan Campaign Setting starts here! Explore Kalupaan with the Tikbalang, one of the most iconic creatures of Philippine Mythology. These feyborn creatures bear an affinity with the winds, and they protect the gateways leading to the fey realms with the subtlety of the breeze and the fury of the cyclone.
Tikbalang: Guardians of Kalikasan presents the players with a new character race - their motivations and culture, as well as the myths other races have regarding them.Game masters are likewise presented with three new tikbalang monsters, all at the lower paragon tier, as well as a skill challenge that can make for a memorable tikbalang encounter.
I wonder if the GSL prevents them from re-releasing in other systems. Also, I'm reminded of the Tiqbarangs from the Hinirang setting that various local Filipino writers write about. In fact, I should probably post that outline of a setting book I have lying around my file folders somewhere.


  1. Oh, hi! Thanks for mentioning our products. ^__^

    I've actually been following your posts on Filipino fantasy settings, and I do want to make a comment or three. :D I haven't gotten around to doing it yet, though - blame the academic year for that. (At least it's almost done!)

    With regards to the GSL, we can actually release the material in other systems. I actually have someone working on a Pathfinder conversion of the Tikbalang book. :-) We generally release first in 4E, however, as that's the system we are most familiar with.

    Thanks again for mentioning our products!

  2. No problem -- I notice they're discounted right now, but they are lonely with only two in the stable. Since you have a lot of the material, maybe other system incarnations would help broaden the offerings -- of course, that would be extra work too...


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