Wednesday, March 30, 2011

GM Dariel and Hari Ragat

Looks nasty. What if the
residents of the abode this
picture adorns were of a
similar look?
I've been posting some stuff on the Hinirang setting, and on the work involved in creating a Filipino-inspired setting.

But GM Dariel, author of a couple of free RPGs and a long-time gamer who was interviewed on this blog last year has been busily cranking out material for his own Filipino-inspired setting.

I'm particularly tickled by his mention of William Henry Scott, whose books I've been wanting to purchase if not for the lack of funds.

Look here for his series of posts on the Hari Ragat setting.

He is also a photographer of some repute, as evidenced by his work to the left, gleefully taken from this other blog of his.

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