Friday, March 25, 2011

And The Sky Full of Stars... Without Number!

He only lasted
one season, but
he had one of
the most
and haunting
character arcs.
"The sky was full of stars... and every star was an exploding ship. One of ours."
- Commander Jeffrey Sinclair, "The Gathering"

Done with my character, but the move has kind of killed off the excitement of building and posting it.

However, I did unearth a bunch of my Babylon 5 collection stuff (I was and am a big fan despite all the limitations, weaknesses, and missteps) and it started me thinking about the many RPG incarnations.

There was the Chameleon Eclectic RPG called The Babylon Project, and then Mongoose's valiant effort at a sustained and supported Babylon 5 RPG which managed two editions -- both of which I may post about on some later date.

And then I realized several things:
  1. the last Babylon 5 RPG was an OGL-based system
  2. Stars Without Number is also founded on the same principles
  3. both Mongoose and Stars Without Number have rules systems dealing with factions, though from different viewpoints 
  4. both have the ability to focus on ship-to-ship combat in addition to human scale conflict resolution 
  5. conversion should be fun, but perhaps a slightly modified setting would be better!
But before I go off on another mad project that promises to fizzle out without an actual game, I'm going to let it simmer for a while and put together a strategy for a sustained series of posts that will (hopefully) not succumb to RPG project ennui.

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