Sunday, September 23, 2012

Inspiration: Online Pulp

Well, this is interesting:

It's the first chapter of what seems to be a story in the vein of old Pulp serials. While I'd advise the author, James Hutchings, to reconsider the title ("The Case of the Syphilitic Sister") to evoke a better sense of two-fisted action, the prose does have the feel of that genre of fiction.

I think that some smoothing out of the exposition is in order, particularly when imparted through dialogue. The setting and the broad strokes of the heroic characters, however, are intriguing enough for me to wait for the next installment.


  1. Interesting. I agree with you on the title.

  2. Thanks for posting about my serial. The original title was All-American Detectives, but the JukePop editors thought that was a bit bland. Do you guys think the original title was better?


  3. Well, the title evoked the 'spicy' stories magazines of the same era for me so I'm ok with it :-)

  4. @anarchist -- well, ultimately it's your decision as author. We're just offering constructive recommendations. After all, Dariel liked the title and felt it was genre-appropriate.


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