Sunday, September 23, 2012

Vivid, Weird Adventures: Famous Athlete Template

In a prior post, I mentioned I'd be creating a series of templates for the Weird Adventures setting, and created a list of those templates. Then I mentioned I'd be doing those templates in the Vivid system instead, as per Gods of Gondwane.

However, creating a template is rather easy in the WaRP and Vivid Systems, so I decide to try and create full characters, then adjust later to finalize the templates. So here's my first, though I do have to get a nice pic for it -- I have a temporary one for now.


Saul "the Fireball" Barlow
Ex-Major League Pitcher

Scorching Southpaw Pitcher 4d
Two-fisted sports writer 3d

Throws a mean fastball 4d
Still in shape 3d

Has a way with words 2d
Keen eyesight 2d

Bitten by adventuring bug
Harassed by Malebolge Family
Staunch believer in sportsmanship
Enemy: Samson Duggan -- former prizefighter exposed by Saul for throwing a fight
Article deadlines, darn it!


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