Sunday, August 19, 2012

LOTFP: Rolling Up Two Fighters - Ability Scores

Never got around to building her as a fighter.
So, she'll be my inspiration for a randomly
generated fighter for now.
Here are the Ability Scores for the fighters that I rolled up, allowing the free swapping of the scores, as per the LOTFP rules:

Fighter 01

STR - 14 (+1)
INT - 12
WIS - 10
DEX - 10
CON - 13 (+1)
CHA - 12

So I went with the STR and CON combo, for a fighter who's stronger and tougher (slightly) than the average person. Luckily, all other stats are 'average' in terms of bonus/penalty ratings. In my mind, though, this one is a little bit more quick-witted and charming, due to the 12s in INT and CHA.

Fighter 02

STR - 11

INT - 9
WIS - 11
DEX - 13 (+1)
CON -11
CHA - 8 (-1)

This one, however, only has one bonus, which goes to DEX to aid in initiative and improvement of AC. I kept the STR, WIS, and CON at the upper ranges of 'average', and slapped this fighter into the lower range of 'average' for INT. This one is, however, not that developed in social skills and has a penalty in CHA. I'm hoping that the DEX choice helps this one live longer -- and then the natural bonuses to 'To Hit' will compensate as this one levels up.

We shall see. Next up, the full character sheet, sans equipment.

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