Friday, June 29, 2012

Inspiration: A Hunt for Dragons -- Part I

One of the things I liked about Dragonlance was the emphasis on dragons. The game is called Dungeons and Dragons, and it was nice to see dragons return to prominence (at that time) over the huge number of other monsters coming out in the game.

But if I were to have a different take on that challenge -- making both dungeons and dragons significant factors in the regular setting -- I'd first start on a quest for inspiration. Now, once in a while I like to look at an image and see what it triggers -- a character, an adventure, a setting, a campaign. I can do a directed version of that here, by searching for the Dragon bit first.

Here's my first entry: the art from one of the stories in the anthology A Time for Dragons.

Blood and bones, plastic and offal, Johnny Tatô said, that’s what the dragon of Pasig feeds on.

The Boat House caretaker Manong Emong, feeling his age in his bones, snorted in disbelief. Beside him, Johnny watched giant water lilies sail placidly on the murky waters, past the empty warehouses and the squatter shanties lining the river. 

Emong had seen a lot of things on the Pasig River but a dragon was not one of them. He hawked phlegm into the water and watched it spin solidly downriver. 

-from "Johnny Tatô and the Dragon of Pasig" by Joseph F. Nacino


  1. I was planning on a new setting where the world was a post-apocalypse fantasy setting with dragons being dominant, inspired buy the Dragon Hunters cartoon.

  2. How will you handle all the Dragonettes, Dragon Turtles, etc.? Or are they not the flavor of dragon you're after?


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