Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Inspiration: Wonder Woman and the New Old Gods

I'm enjoying a lot of the depictions of the Greek gods in the New 52 Wonder Woman series. They weren't all noble, but they were essentially really powerful superheroes -- enigmatic but understandable ultra-high level superheroes / cosmic entities.

The current creative team's take brings the gods back to an earlier perception and sentiment -- they are fickle and vicious and constantly scheming and conspiring against one another. And one seldom profits from being entangled in their games.

Excellent source material for fantasy games, and a good inspiration for Enigmundia's take on Greek / Roman Gods.

So far, Hera and Hermes my favorite depictions, though Apollo is creeping up there. The missing Zeus is one I suspect I'll rather enjoy, as he's been mentioned as always appearing in a form most desirable to the woman he wants, and that's likely to be Wonder Woman down the line.

Hermes is interesting with his affinity to birds, the constant referring to him the messenger by the other gods, and the obvious visual cues to render him avian-like. And even he suggests that as a messenger, he seldom traffics in truth.

Hera is portrayed as powerful, dangerous, and desirable -- I hesitate from using the word sexy because the body language shies away from 'sexy' poses except when she is resting from her labors. Although, I wonder if the choice to suggest her nakedness beneath the peacock cloak was really necessary. I like that she dresses up when she gets home -- perhaps one needs to be naked when cloaked in that artifact?

I'll admit that the modifications to the Wonder Woman canon are severe, and definitely require parental guidance, but they have caught my interest due to their non-sanitized take on the Greco-Roman gods in a modern idiom.

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