Monday, April 30, 2012

Enigmundia: More Pagan Spells from Minerva

In this penultimate post on 1st level pagan spells, I tackle two more that are associated with Minerva:

Read Languages

The gift of understanding other written languages is certainly part of the portfolio of Minerva. In addition to wisdom and education, she is also a keeper of knowledge and secrets. When this spell manifests, the reader's eyes become akin to those of an owl in appearance -- and remain so for the duration of the spell.


Minerva's affinity with the legendary Aegis is well-known. Supplicants may summon a small measure of its might through this spell. At higher levels, an apparition of Minerva may be seen extending her Aegis over the spellcaster.

Past Pagan Spells 

For the curious, the older posts may be found here:

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