Tuesday, March 27, 2012

NPC Hero: Elemental Champion of Water -- Part 1

Haven't built a new Champions character in a while, so I'm going to start off with the character concept. I have a name -- Alena -- but she's going to have a superheroic alter-ego: the Torrent Rider.

Please be warned that none of what follows has anything to do with the original TV show. I'm just using some elements from the show and twisting them or infusing them with other weirdness.

Overall Concept

My view on her is as the black sheep of the sisterhood blessed with the Elemental Jewels. All sisters are charged with mastery of their assigned Jewels before they may ascend once more to the Enchanted Realm. In order to master the Jewels, they must learn and master facets of the Jewels (some large, some small) and gain the abilities hidden within each.

Her original facet of the Jewel of Water was that of the Torrent Raider -- mostly abilities associated with thieving and raiding.

The current facet she's working on is that of the Torrent Rider -- abilities associated with mobility, kinship and control over water creatures, navigation, sensory gifts, and a legendary mount: the First Sea Serpent known as Fars.

Her mother also gifted her with an weapon: a hafted weapon known as the Hydra's Tooth. Among many things, it allows her to summon the Second Sea Serpent (known as Larwi) to do her bidding.

Offensive Capabilities

Aside from some rudimentary fighting skills as befits a spunky and rebellious young woman, her primary attack powers stem from three sources:
  • the First Sea Serpent -- special attack powers against preternatural creatures and spirits;
  • the Hydra's Tooth -- a powerful weapon that deals physical damage to foes;
  • and the Second Sea Serpent -- a huge serpent that, when summoned, can perform feats of great strength and lay waste to enemies over a great area.

Defensive Capabilities

The First Sea Serpent grants her great agility in battle, due to its sinuous grace and terrible speed, but when necessary, it encloses her in an impervious sphere reminiscent of a perfectly shaped pearl.

The Hydra's Tooth grants her rapid healing from any physical damage.

The facet of the Torrent Raider also grants her the ability to temporarily become water, usually in the form of mist or sea foam, before reincorporating into her humanoid form.

Movement Capabilities

She can swim really fast, as per both facets of the Jewel. But the First Sea Serpent grants her flight and even faster swimming.

Special abilities

Needs to be able to breathe under water, can endure extremes of temperature and crushing pressures of the deep. Can see in near darkness, and can sense the movement of things in water.

She can also communicate with family and friends, and do some scrying using pools of still water.

The Torrent Raider aspect should grant her stealth and infiltration abilities, as well as the ability to appropriate things that don't belong to her.

Wrapping Up

Okay, so that's pretty clear in terms of concept. It's a bit messy, but I wanted to do a more mythologically-based water superheroine. I don't know if I can pay for everything, but I do like the summoning and control of the Sea Serpents. Eventually, she should be able to summon all Seven Sea Serpents once she's mastered the Hydra's Tooth, and the facets of the Jewel should grant her even more watery abilities.

Next up for this character: Point Building!


  1. love reading your thought process, bro

  2. thanks, bro. wish I could see more of you and your family. luck on the house hunting!


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