Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Even Mo' Mystara: A Karameikos Adventure Module

Robert Nuttman has posted a module for playtest called Hunting Bargle for what he did to Aleena.

No, actually it's the module TC1: The Baron's Favor, is identified as the first module in the Thorn's Chronicle adventure path series, and is available for BECMI and Alternity, but does indeed have Bargle the Infamous as the main villain in this adventure -- and his mad scheme seems to involve women again.

Aleena does get a mention in the module, but as per GAZ1 she is fine when the adventure starts. Unlike the claim of one of the possible endings of the Basic Book in BECMI, she did not in fact die in Gazetteer canon.

Anyway, where was I? Ah yes, The Baron's Favor.

The Baron here is Baron Halaran, and he's enlisting the heroes' aid in finding out why girls have been disappearing near the ruins of Mistamere. The module is nicely laid out, with boxed text to be read to PCs, boxed stats for creatures, maps for the various locations, and interesting mentions about many things in Karameikan / Mystaran lore.

The author does state on his site that this is his version of Mystara, so not everything here may necessarily be in sync with official canon, but it is an interesting take and another welcome entry into the source material for Mystara...

... fine, I'll say it.

Bargle must die!


  1. Thanks for the mention! For more information on Thorn's Chronicle, you can check out the Piazza's Mystara forum (, as well as the Thorn's Chronicle Facebook page ( You can contact me through the forums or Facebook to send feedback.

    1. Bargle must--

      Oh sure, no problem. My fave location in Mystara is Karameikos (though that could be because I didn't really get to get a copy of Glantri for a looooooooooooooooong time), and I'm tickled at all the references found in it.

    2. And you can't kill off Bargle -- it would only make him stronger ;)


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