Monday, March 5, 2012

Mystara: Slouching Towards Specularum

Retro-clones, neo-clones, and the upcoming 5th Edition of D&D (which promises to have some weird kind of backward compatibility) make it enticing to dream of a Mystara Reborn!

And indeed, there's much buzz online about it -- but where's a good place to start?

Well, in addition to somehow wrangling a copy of the Rules Cyclopedia (RC) and grabbing a couple of the classic modules (B2, X1, X2, etc.), the logical place to start is the Gazetteers.

The Age of Ravens blog has an excellent series of reviews on the Gazetters:

GAZ5: The Elves of Alfheim
GAZ6: The Dwarves of Rockhome

GAZ7: The Northern Reaches

GAZ8: The Five Shires 

GAZ9: The Minrothad Guilds

Dreams in the Lich House also posted a bunch of interesting links on Mystara, including:

Interestingly, someone raised the issue of a Mystara Megadungeon. There are comments that many were mentioned in the Gazetteers and source material, but none actually was fully detailed.

Interesting idea for a project, but which one?

Anyway, we shouldn't worry about stocking it, as the blog Stocking the Dungeon has several ideas for that. However, another big draw are, of course, the statted out versions of the D&D cartoon characters as ready-made NPCs in Mystara:

Can't wait for the Acrobat and the Cavalier.

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