Friday, March 16, 2012

Cool Stuff about Star Frontiers

Needler Pistols

The needler pistols were frickin' awesome. The Jim Holloway illustration of the two adventurers firing needlers at an agent running away. I wanted my character to have one.

In my mind, I wanted the awesome coolness of firing needle darts at evil science fiction villains.


I don't know why, but I found these goggle-wearing, gliding, monkey-like hotheads an interesting race to play. I found the race honor thing intriguing at the time. I didn't quite consider them wookie-replacements. They weren't Kzinti or anything.

I dunno, maybe Elmore and Jim Holloway just drew 'em really well. They felt like adventurers supreme. The Vrusk and the Dralasites were interesting races as well, but I didn't feel like playing one in a game.

Neat SF Maps

The cool fold-up maps -- despite the two dimensional nature -- fired my imagination. Futuristic roads and public transport, futuristic buildings, cool vehicles.

It created this staggering backdrop (no matter how Legion of Super-Heroes + 1970s science fiction shows the end result might have been in my mind). Awesomeness!

What did you find interesting or attractive about the game?


  1. Agreed- and I'd forgotten about those Yazarian until you mentioned them. They were the most visually compelling and interesting of the SF races.

  2. I think all the races in Star Frontiers were pretty well done give the anthropomorphic animals we so often get as aliens. Vrusks, Yazirians, Dralasites--even Sathar.

    1. The Vrusk and the Dralasites were interesting, it's true. I didn't roll my eyes at the concepts. My eyes didn't glaze over in boredom. There was an interesting trade-off for both in terms of visuals and capabilities (speed, morphability -- is that a word?). But in the end I liked the Yazirians most to play.


That's my side of things. Let me know what you think, my friend.

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