Sunday, May 29, 2011

Inspiration: Amaya -- A Filipino Epicserye

I've seen the pics and the press releases. And while I almost never get to watch TV anyway (because my son has gained control over both units in the apartment and runs back and forth between them), I must say I'm intrigued by it. I hope it manages to garner sufficient popularity to make it to DVD release so I can watch it in one go.

An epicserye, by the way, is an 'epic series'. It's a newish term, as in the past we've had teleseryes (television series), fantaseryes (fantasy TV series), and superseryes (super-heroic TV series), and the like.

But why would I watch it?

Well, aside from the posts from GM Dariel, the work from Nosfecatu, the occasional Hinirang story, and already-finished filipino fantaseryes there's little material that I can go to for filipino fantasy inspiration. Monsters tend to get the focus -- as in the case of Hero Games' inclusion of an impressive menagerie of monsters taken from Maximo Ramos's work -- instead of the heroes.

My past posts also on the already completed fantaserye Engcantadia reveal a need for some visual inspiration as well (and not just because the women are easy on the eyes). I look forward to the costumes and gear of the heroes, villains and denizens of this setting, especially since they seem to be drawing from the pre-Spanish era --  a time when our culture was primarily inspired by our neighbors in South East Asia, not colonial powers from Europe.

It is my hope that Filipino martial culture gets some exposure as well: martial arts such as Kali, Buno, and Sikaran; weapons and shields and armor from all the tribes (I love the detail on the shield), and so on.

However, since it seems to be rooted in the past without any pictures of creatures or monsters, it's likely that there won't be any fantastical creatures nor any spell-slinging wizards. At best it will probably be a low fantasy / historical fantasy tale.

Update (May 31, 2011)

Found the HD video below on YouTube. A teaser for the series which started last night:

My hopes for its success are high, since the lead -- Marian Rivera -- is currently very
popular in the Philippines, if her current ranking in our local version of  the
magazine FHM is any indication.


  1. I'm excited about this series, too. I missed the 1st episode tonight, though, and now I'm afraid of "not getting it" if I start watching tomorrow.

    Here's to hoping they release a DVD. XD

  2. Amen to a DVD! We don't even have cable so I can't watch it at all.

  3. I catch episode previews on my way home from work quite often (TV's on buses!), and the visuals are indeed interesting. Nice details in the costumes and weapons.

    Rather colonialist choice of casting a mestiza like Marian Rivera in the lead, though of course I still don't mind looking at her :).

    BTW do visit the Villa Escudero museum if you ever find yourself in that area, they've got a nice collection of armors from Mindanao.

  4. As for the mestiza casting, it's okay. I mean, we've got non-Chinese actors in the Mano Po series of movies as well.

    Willing to bend the rules considering no one's really done something this ambitious in a TV series before (to my recollection). They even built a ship!

  5. More a comment on the viewing public than on the producers, really :). The producers are taking a big gamble on the series, so they get the most bankable actress they can.

    I'd like to see that ship. Now that balangay replicas have been built, I'd really like to see a full-size caracoa!


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