Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Neo-clone build: Encantadians as adventurers -- class selection!

Building characters always helps me learn a game system faster, and so I decided that I should try doing that,  inspired by some images from a local fantaserye (fantasy TV series) called Encantadia. The main characters, of course, have powers and histories that cannot necessarily be shoehorned into the Castles & Crusades rules -- but that doesn't matter to me since I'll be building first level characters.

If I wanted to go more faithful to the TV series, I'd go Hero or Fuzion or perhaps try my hand at the new Mutants & Masterminds 3E stuff. Hmmmm.

Anyway, here are the four elementally-oriented members of my initial party of adventurers.
The weapon's a spear, but that doesn't look like a
very high armor class (thank goodness for the
buckler-ish armguard). Perhaps a Rogue with a
javelin, or an Assassin with a polearm? 
Ooh, this one's easy. Fighter, Knight, or Paladin.
Got the stylized plate armor and the sword for any
of the classes above. 
Technically arnis sticks, these are clubs. With
the double weapon technique and the woodsy
theme of the attire, I'd say Ranger. Even if C&C
doesn't seem to confer double-weapon use. Of course,
 a cleric would be important in a four-woman party.
Wizard with a dagger. Because we need a spell-caster
(though a cleric in the party would be nice), and the
dagger's there, and the fire theme screams fire wizard.

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