Monday, February 21, 2011

Retroclone build: Encantadians as adventurers -- Ability Scores!

Decided to try the builds in both Labyrinth Lord and Castles & Crusades for the hell of it.

The Labyrinth Lord method I chose was the "roll 5 sets of complete stats and pick one set" for each character. And here's what I got:

Alena        14  12  13  12  10  17    thief
Amihan       12   9  15   9  13  15    fighter
Pirena       15  10  11  13   8  13    magic-user
Danaya       12  12  13  10  15  16    cleric

Of course, since I couldn't reorder the stats, I compromised by choosing the best stat combos for each classed I'd selected for each character prior. Choosing the cleric was easy -- just find the highest Wisdom. And choosing the thief becomes easy as well -- the only other high Dexterity went to the cleric. But the magic-user and the fighter are problematic: one set of stats has the highest Strength and the highest Intelligence of all! In the end, I figured that the high Intelligence is more critical to the magic-user and the Str 12 Con 15 combo would be acceptable for a fighter.

Class: Thief
Class: Fighter
Class: Cleric
Class: Magic-User

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