Thursday, March 17, 2011

Rock On, Roslof

Heard the news from here and here.

And I remembered that artist's name. I think it was around the time that I began to realize that art didn't just magically appear in RPGs and comic books, and I remember seeing the distinctive Roslof name.

Two pics that are most memorable for me are the following:

This image vies with Marvel's Mighty Thor and
Bill Willingham's Thor from the Elementals when
I conjure up a mental image of this Norse God.
I loved this pic because of the dynamism of the composition, and
the two fighters with their backs to the viewer! Fight on!

Mr. Roslof, I don't know you, but your work was part of the RPGs that shaped parts of my life -- and more importantly your work fired the imagination of a young boy who dreamed about lands and worlds beyond the roads and schoolrooms that he knew.

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