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Isle Imperium: The Numbers of the Diamond Grey Legion

One of the favorite shards of
Alecto. Alecto's sister, Megaera,
was also in the Legion as part
of the 3rd Number.
The Diamond Grey Legion was broken up into tactical units known as Numbers. The most elite of the Numbers were Numbers 1 through 10. A Number tended to have a collection of shards per mount, but they had their favorites. Also, at least one member of each Number was tasked to bear a Warder shard so that other Warders could communicate with them -- especially the Ruling Warders.

Here are the details on the mounts and the shards they bore most often:

Arieus ♀ Hordebreaker
Ethrusches ♂ Elemental Archon
Kaiza ♀ Dweomer Keeper
Loric ♂ Cloud Anchorite
Maisi ♂ Cipher Adept
Ran-ead ♂ Ghost Slayer
Sadis ♀ Dispassionate Warder
Sonenos ♂ Devoted Defender

Armando ♂ Never Mind
Bertrol ♂ Blind Wanderer
Gwyneth ♀ Tessela Avenger
Ira ♂ Auric Prior
Jemin ♀ Lion Eye Warder
Liam ♂ Bone Knitter
Ulbrecht ♂ Perfect Savant

Aver di Gao ♂ Crafthammer
Daemon ♂ Fell Paladin
Piezo ♂ Consecrated Warder
Portentia ♀ Verdant Craft Mage
Quincey ♂ Warblade Juggernaut
Rogelio ♂ Mariner of Stars
Sheng Yu ♂ Pearl Court Martial
Wolfgang ♂ Knight of the Broken Nimbus

Eva ♀ Squire of Thorn
Falten ♂ Steadfast Warder
Gemmel ♂ Phantom Brigand
Kylinus ♂ Prefect of Form
Ossana ♀ Radiant Fist
Temelian ♂ Truesilver Mocker
Urich ♂ Sacred Emissary

Agenas ♂ Argent Cannoneer
Andras ♂ Blue Light Adnate
Barnabus ♂ Fell Trapmage
Coelia ♀ Defender of the Waterstone
Ezekius ♂ Gifted Warder
Jana ♀ Sandblade Warrior
Tomassi ♂ Onyx Hussar

Crispianus ♂ Feylight Harrower
Donovan ♂ Steel Tear Helm Warder
Hereus ♂ Seismic Mage
Josias ♂ Aurora Talon
Rogerus ♂ Bloodshot Singer
Tobias ♂ Black Dragon Third Hell Talon
Willemnus ♂ Gem Palm Talon

Alabaster Darque Tormented Tailor
Aloysius ♂ Redeemed Warder
Danielus ♂ Oracle of Whispers
Grielle ♀ Flame Tongue Martial
Raynel ♂ Defiant Warder
Sextus ♂ Paladin of the Sixth Hour
Timoteus ♂ Walker of Winds

Elinora ♀ Grieving Warder
Ionis ♂ Thrice Crowned Prince
Lucia ♀ Fell Artificer
Megaera ♀ Glimmer Blade
Petrus ♂ Knave of Swords
Stephanus ♂ Void Mage

Amalthea ♀ Argent Reaper
Caritas ♀ Glaive Vanguard
Eranikus ♂ Heart of the Wild
Lady Adria ♀ Paladin of Last Chances
Leontes the Younger Voice of Warders
Lord Hanor ♂ Paramount Fist
Master Orinus ♂ Bleak Soul Alchemist

Alecto ♀ varied 
Arcturus ♂ varied 
Catalina ♀ varied
Khimere ♀ varied 
Mantius ♂ varied 
Ser Orlando ♂ varied 
Varian ♂ varied 

By dint of unusual circumstance, our PCs eventually ended up in the First Number, but without full knowledge of the traditions and strictures of the legion. We were, however, granted leeway because of two things -- we'd helped save the Diamond Legion, and the previous incarnation, the Diamond Red Legion, was one of the secretly (or not so secretly to other Legions) villainous Legions, notorious amongst the other Legions like Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, and Copper. As a result, our occasional lapses in communication and protocol were viewed as actions of cunning and scheming, masked by the galling air of innocence and heroism.

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