Sunday, December 23, 2012

Champions Complete: Mini-campaigns

In my earlier Danger International post, I realized my group had done a smaller set of similar mini-campaigns for the supers genre. In honor of that, and the new Champions Complete book out, I'd like to come up with a series of these mini-campaigns and perhaps publish these 2 to 4 pagers for free to help get some people started playing Champions Complete without having to deal with some of the most common problems of newbies: building characters -- heroes and villains.

The primary solution here is to limit the points that the players have to allocate. There are package and power builds already part of the campaign, and perhaps even random selection of these packages and powers to facilitate quickstart games.

Then, the training wheels can come off as both players and GMs become more comfortable with the system.

My initial mini-campaigns will be a triad:
  • The Black Band Brigade -- inspired by the Green Lantern / Lensman concept, super-powerful weapons are bonded or placed into the hands of normal people. Then they must deal with their newfound power as first generation heroes hunted by various factions, including the enemies of the wielders of the Black Bands. Think Green Lantern Corps meets Heroes.
  • The Elect -- there are men and women who are occasionally gifted with the ability to see and fight the monsters that walk among us. Fragments of ancient spirits aggregate in their souls and grant them powers and abilities beyond those of mere mortals, enabling them to battle vampires and rakshasas, werewolves and witches, ghosts and goblins. Think Buffy meets Mutant X.
  • Ultra-Masks of the Emerald Legion -- the royal family of the Emerald Legion is unable to perform their duties as defenders of the united galarchy against the giant beast-fighters of the Boan Empire! They have sent their masks to seek out champions of great martial ability to transform them into gargantuan warriors capable of meting out cosmic justice to the forces of intergalactic tyranny. Think Ultraman meets Silverhawks.

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