Friday, October 28, 2011

Isle Imperium: Episode 1.18 -- Mission Season Part 2

Fractured Shards are very dangerous to bear.
In the midst of preparations for the second mission, the party is betrayed by the corrupted Fractured Mage, which takes control of its mount, DUMAS, in order to kill the other members of the party except for ALECTO and CATALINA. These two are fortunately able to resurrect the others—in particular, through the assistance of Ossis Potior, MANTIUS, who after much frenzied battling finally banishes the corrupted shard from the Ninth Number in his capacity as Unconquered Warder.
  • In the course of its malice, the Fractured Mage managed to cleave and partially shatter the Opalescent Mage shard, doing some damage as well to the Prodigious Scholar and Sanomagus. Cat and Aly are later able to repair the latter two in their respective capacities as Repentant Bombadier and Gentle Chemist.
  • Mantius goes to the DIAMOND BLOOD CLOAK WARDER to report what has occurred, overcoming the warder’s initial disbelief with Varian’s aid as Bejeweled Nuncio. DBC summons the Tenth’s Grieving Warder PORENDUS to explain himself, in the course of which they realize that the Fractured Mage is now seeking a host among the Ninth.
  • Following DBC—who departed earlier to take Porendus’s place in battle—Porendus, Mantius, ARCTURUS, and Varian hasten to the scene, where they are able, with considerable difficulty, to capture and possibly destroy the corrupted shard, though not before it has killed all members of the Tenth except for Porendus.
  • Aly and Cat are called and are able to resurrect them, except for the Fractured Mage’s last host. Porendus is led away by his number before his distraught utterances can prompt DBC to punish them further beyond their expulsion from the circle of ten.
  • Back on the ship, Arc and Varian return to their oracular endeavors, learning the seven steps required to fulfill their second mission: finding something, something, someone, someone, and something; making an event occur; and achieving a rescue. Each of these must be done successively by midnight, one each day over the course of seven days.
  • The shards of the Ninth play politics: Ossis Potior cautions Mantius against the Renegade Warder and requests never to be slotted in the gauntlet; Ossis and the Saint of Shadows discuss their gathering of allies opposed to the Renegade’s schemes; and the Repentant Bombadier makes his case to the Bejeweled Nuncio for inclusion in the Renegade’s set.

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