Saturday, October 29, 2011

Coffeeshop Gaming - Part 02 (or is it Part True20?)

It occurs to me that I had forgotten one of the possible options for the simplification of dice rolls: True20.

I'll admit to having a small collection of True20 games, was getting familiar with it, am somewhat interested in some of them and strongly interested in major spliter-offs like Mutants and Masterminds/DC Adventures.

It's just rolling a single D20 for the resolution rolls and effect rolls -- isn't that pretty much my goal?

What caused me to shy away from it? The linear roll stresses me out, really. Not just for the resolution roll, but also for the effect roll. That and the granularity, the narrowness of the effect ranges for damage.

But I do like it, and need to go back to it again.

Although, if we go purely digital, dice isn't really an issue. There are many dice rolling apps out there that speed up dice rolling, keep dice histories, and eliminate the clattering of dice that fall off the table and get lost.


  1. I am rather fond of True20 and wish it had caught on more.

  2. Ah, you mean the real True20 and not the variant that Mutants & Masterminds and DC Adventures became?

    Yes, I remember once thinking of converting all my 3E stuff to it...


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