Saturday, February 21, 2015

Super-Hero Saturday: A Cast of Thousands

(Magnus Robot Fighter from
I used to be overjoyed with, then took for granted, then forgot, then remembered the wonderful sets of websites that have character builds of many comic book characters in the HERO System.

I found some small delight in seeing that some people had spent time building characters that I, too, loved reading about and would like to spend some time rooting through their adventures and creating a mechanically accurate rendition (to my mind) of them in the HERO System.

Magnus, Robot Fighter. Grimjack. Amazing Man (the JSA one). The Confessor & Altar Boy. Nexus, Judah Maccabee, and so on.

My youth knew some hours spent building my own versions, but I no longer have the same hours available to me. Likewise, I'm not as familiar with the current (6th Edition) of HERO. But maybe this is how I'll recover that facility with the system. To that end, I'd like to begin reviewing and cataloging the sites that are still out there.

Here are a few I've found (editions unknown):

Mathew R. Ignash's Champions Page - an old mainstay, with a bunch of 350 pt. and 250 pt. builds, and some higher point builds. An interesting collection of heroes and villains from comics and even TV shows.

Surbrook's Stuff - another dependable source of characters (and creator of some great HERO sourcebooks as well) with a selection of highlights include characters from The Authority, Astro City, and Top 10.

KillerShrike's General HERO System Resources - another impressive collection of HERO resources, like the others, not limited to comics alone. However, the highlights of comic builds include the heavy hitters of the DC & Marvel Universes, plus the JLA 350 project, which has "archetyped" versions of the JLA. Also, characters are conveniently marked by the edition of HERO.

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