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Echoes: Piacenza - Season 01 Episode 17 (powered by D&D 5e)

Cesare and his traveling robe.

Cesare Becomes a Lover, and Everybody Goes Shopping

Game Summary for Echoes Book 02: S01E017

After meeting Elizando’s acutely polite, unnervingly chilly daughter Emeina, the Legato members are quite relieved to be conveyed through the house, from handmaiden to handmaiden, to see Salici (though not before a stop to get special slippers tailored for each of them, which automatically adapt to the Amatos’ variably cold floors).

Sali – who now has tentacles instead of legs, and is now also known as Tadea – is delighted to see Cesare, but soon chagrined when she comes to the conclusion that Cesare did not consider their semi-betrothal to have been rendered void by the Violazione. In fact, she’s gotten married, and introduces them to her husband Tadeo, who is Elizando’s son and evidently a much warmer sort of person than his sister.

Tadeo assures Legato that they are more than welcome to stay at the Casa di Amato, and also advises them how best to proceed to fulfill their various personal agendas, including the somewhat delicate matter of seeking Viatriz’s mother in the Enclavi di Doria, currently a rival of Enclavi di Amato – if Legato formally registers as an azienda, then Via can go see Azzura in that capacity, i.e. technically not linked to Amato. He also encourages them to pick up a casa gemme, a set of representative house gems which will keep them updated as to the shifting allegiances of the Dodicci di Gran Famigli.

Most importantly, Tadeo wholeheartedly agrees with Tadea’s plan to assuage Cesare by making him their mutual lover. Taken aback, Cesare finds himself accepting, not without considerable trepidation as he later watches his belongings being transferred to the couple’s private suite.

Having resolved to return to Porto Principale and proceed from there to Enclavi di Gozzi, then Doria, and perhaps Juven, the friends decide to spend the time waiting for the next vessel at the local souk.

They never get out.

Okay, probably not ‘never’, but they do spend a lot of time there and buy a lot of stuff, making some new friends along the way among the market vendors.

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