Friday, September 6, 2013

D&D 30day Challenge: Day05 - Favorite Dice Set / Die Type

It's the d6, and my special set of d6 dice. I carry all of them in this metal Lucky Strike tin.

The Big Blue dice are for damage in Hero System, or Die Pools in games like Shadowrun or the Star Wars / Ghostbusters D6 system. I like to think they roll high.

The White dice are for half dice in Hero System, or Wild Dice in games like the Star Wars / Ghostbusters D6 System. I also like to think they roll high.

The smaller multi-colored dice replaced my lost (sob) black dice with red pips for rolling low in Hero System, for all the attack rolls and skill rolls.

I pack a pair of unusual D10s for percentile rolls and the odd need for a D20 or D10 in any given game.

I loved bringing this around as a compact dice set for conventions and games at friends' houses. Gone were the days when I used to bring around huge stacks of dice; I always knew exactly which dice I had to have with me when I went home.

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  1. I like games that only require six-siders, like WEG Star Wars (1st edition, as 2nd is nowhere near as good!) and Ghostbusters (same comment) and Justice Inc. But I can't stand Hero System when it gets into double-digits of six-siders needing to be counted multiple times just to resolve Stun and Body damage.

    Everybody has some six-siders, even if they're borrowed from Risk or Monopoly.


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