Friday, September 20, 2013

Inspiration: Way of Kings

So, there's gonna be ten books of this? Cool -- honestly though, I don't know how he'll keep all this up. So Brandon Sanderson's work has been at the edges of my perception for years now; may have to get caught up on that Mistborn stuff too.

I like a lot of the elements of the setting, but am content to let it unravel slowly. I prefer the character progression and plot to take precedence over the world building (heck, that's what appendices are for, right), anyway.


  1. I picked up Way of Kings after learning Sanderson would finish Wheel of Time. I learned he had all of these books that I had never heard of so I decided to take a chance on Way of Kings. I am excited to say that I made the right choice. The book may be long but it kept me engaged and interested in the story and characters. I look forward to Words of Radiance and the rest of the novels.

  2. Indeed, I'm now curious about his other books.


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