Monday, December 31, 2012

Black Band Brigade Mini-campaign (Part 2)

Some Powers of the Black Band

Occasionally, strange codes wash across the band.
Some recognizable, others, totally unintelligible.

The alien bands grant their bearers, though with some hidden secrets that players will have to figure out through play (and studying the rules):

Black Band Abilities: 120 pt. Multipower Reserve (all use Locus Crystal for END)

1 – Radiant Gaze: 12d6 Blast vs. ED *
2 – Umbra Beam: 12d6 Blast vs. PD *
3 – Obsidian Shield: 4m wide, 1m tall, .5m thick Barrier (18 rPD, 18 rED, 0 BODY)
4 – Halo Defense: Damage Negation vs. Energy (-12 Damage Classes)
5 – Resplendent Wings: 60m Flight
6 – Shadow Traverse: 50m Teleport (No Relative Velocity)
7 – Bright Thoughts: Telekinesis (40 STR) *
8 – Dark Designs: Telekinesis (20 STR, Fine Manipulation, Affects Desolid: +1/2) *

Locus Crystal: Endurance Reserve (120 END, 24 REC, OIF:-1/2)

 optional: may choose to use MOCV vs. DCV upon receiving the Black Band

Notes on Black Band Abilities and the Locus Crystal

The face of the Locus crystal
displays not only the 24 hour
chronometer for Earth, but also
the amount of power that
the crystal still has available.

Without the Locus, you are powerless

In general, all these abilities are meant to draw on the Locus Crystal, which provides the power for all these abilities. Without the Locus Crystal, there's no power source and therefore no abilities. However, since the powers aren't purchased as part of the focus, it doesn't mean that someone who has taken the Locus Crystal gains the powers as well.

The Locus allows you to tap your abilities instinctively

With the option to use either the natural OCV or the MOCV to target opponent DCVs, it reflects the Locus crystal's ability to synchronize itself with its user. There may be other implications to this initial 'choice' in bonding with the Locus crystal.

Strange names add to the mystery

The abilities that the black bands grant come with names, as translated through the strange intuitive/mental link that the bearers have gained.
  • Radiant Gaze -- coherent beams of light lance out of the eyes of the black band bearer;
  • Umbra Bolts --  thick bolts of shadow stuff hurtle from the clenched fists of the bearer;
  • Halo Defense --  a halo of near-blinding light emanates from the bearer's head, absorbing all energy-based attacks;
  • Obsidian Shield -- a huge circular shield of black metal appears from the forearm of the bearer, sometimes growing large enough to encase the bearer;
  • Resplendent Wings -- six multicolored wings of solid light sprout from the bearer's shoulder blades, allowing rapid flight;
  • Shadow Traverse -- veils of shadow wrap themselves around the bearer, transferring the bearer to another location;
  • Bright Thoughts -- a crown of faint, coruscating light appears around the bearer's head that extends to manipulate the world according to its master's wishes;
  • Dark Designs -- delicate tendrils of inky blackness radiate out from the hands of the bearer to manipulate the world.
 Visually, the bearers and abilities still follow the look of Tron, with dark matter highlighted by light patterns. This, tied into the similar light & dark theme of the abilities, should heighten the mystery of the black bands.

Of course there are still other abilities to come...


  1. So do all the PCs have same powers then? I personally wouldn't be interested in a game like that; have you a group that likes the concept of being Green Lanterns by another name?

  2. Yes, they do at the start. And my old gaming group -- which generated many, many supers in our time together as Champions players -- did enjoy this mini-campaign.

    Primarily because we were forced to use only one power at a time and use teamwork to survive as 2 or 3 SPD PCs in a 5 SPD or better world.


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