Friday, November 30, 2012

Isle Imperium: Episode 1.32 -- The 2nd Mission Zero

With the subversion of yet another of her sisters to the blue, ALECTO realizes that her bloodline is linked to the shard All Saints, and that she may well be the only one who can wear it. Spurned by her former comrades in the Diamond Red’s Second, FIDA reacts to the news of Megaera’s fate in less than rational fashion.

  • Fida authorizes a rescue mission, to be headed by Aly. Aly responds by telling TERENTIUS, which results in a heated confrontation between the two first-tier warders, made worse by the involvement of KENJIRO, but halted temporarily by the latter’s fetching of OLIVERUS, who berates them all for various reasons.
  • The party meets the new Ninth Number, formerly the Eleventh. (See the file The Numbers of the Diamond Grey Legion.) As prompted by AUDEN, traditional gifts are exchanged between the First and the Ninth.
  • THESSALY goes off, as requested, to assist Senator Patricus, who is apparently deeply involved in negotiations with the other legions of the Army of Shards.
  • Fida proceeds to convert the former Operation: Wildflower into a mission to rescue Meg, with the apparent collusion of Kenjiro, such that the “small blue enclave” encountered in the previous mission is included as a mission target.
  • Terry arrives belatedly to put his foot down, with the result that he ends up leading ARCTURUS, BREGAN, CATALINA, MANTIUS, TOBIAS, and VINDAR in search of Meg; while Aly and VARIAN head for the enclave with Kenjiro.
  • Terry’s team is immediately separated from one another, as follows:
o    Mantius finds himself in some sort of forested area with the Bone Collector and White Mage, both embodied. They spy a naked woman in a floating cage; she promises to tell them anything they want if they will free her.
o    Arcturus and Vindar find themselves on a rocky shoreline, facing (presumably) CARESS of the Pallid.
o    Cat is desharded and nearly killed by Lady Blight, but Blight is fortunately stopped by ALINA, who whisks Cat away. Alina equips Cat with a shard (probably the Diamond Azure Cloak) and first invites her to join the blue; then, on Cat’s demurral, urges her to depart. Cat is still arguing with her and DUMAS when the latter shoves a bag of shards and bright light into her hands and sends her away. With no actual slotted abilities, Cat finds herself surrounded by MAXILIUS and the rest of Bregan’s previous number.
  • Kenjiro informs his companions that first “that man” and then “that woman” “… need to be taken down”.
o    Aly attacks the (probable) courtier COVETOUS, but her attack has no effect.
o    Ian politely permits the (probable) courtier GOSSAMER to dress before battle commences; as soon as it does, she tosses him out the window of her tower.
o    Kenjiro plows through an army of blue entities in search of their leader.


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