Sunday, September 16, 2012

More Output, Man!

As you know, I'm doing a PBEM thing with Marvel Heroic Roleplaying. It's slowed down a bit with my two players, and I'm wondering if it's just fatigue, real life business, or the fact that we're playing with new characters, rather than established characters.

In addition, I'm trying to crank out more Armchair Reviews (especially on that new RPG that seems to have come from the original Amber Diceless Roleplaying Game), and have encountered something odd for me.

The new Fading Suns RPG and the new Blue Planet RPG are hard to get through because they're not new. A lot of what is there is the same, or familiar enough that I get the feeling I've read the paragraph and end up skipping forward faster -- until I hit something new. It makes it harder to read, then review.

Actually, Blue Planet is more of a problem for me -- I think I'm going to have issues about the editing. Bad tense shifts in what is meant to be a straightforward history of the universe makes me worry about the rest of it. I'm going back to my older copies to see if they're pretty much the same there -- I know I didn't have those issues then, but I hadn't edited an anthology yet when I did that reading so...

Anyway, another project I'm trying to do to tie together these disparate interests is to combine Gods of Gondwane, Weird Adventures, and Doomed Slayers together somehow. It'll be nice to return to some pulp-inspired stuff.

LOTFP has sparked my interest for the Dark Corners of Mystara work I've been doing.

RuneQuest6 is currently my system of choice for Enigmundia, though it means ditching a lot of the great OSR source material out there. Anyway, LOTFP / Dark Corners of Mystara will tackle that anyway.

And what about that combined universe of Marvel & DC? Dammit, more hours in the day!

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