Saturday, June 23, 2012

Watching the Heard: Stoutfellow in Alphatia

For those of you unaware of the posts that Bruce Heard has been making, you may wish to take a brief look at four posts detailing the Stoutfellow province in the Alphatian Empire.

The first post is a freakin' huge surface map of the province of Stoutfellow, updated from the original details in the Dawn of Empires boxed set that covered both Thyatia and Alphatia. Your hexographer-fu is impressive, Mr. Heard.

The second post is another huge map, this time detailing Lower Stoutfellow -- the Underworld of this Alphatian province. Like the first post, there's a download link for those interested in gaming the crap of this location. There are also brief, but intriguing mentions of the Stoutfellows and their activities in this realm, as well as mentions of opposition like trolls and the mysterious Shadow Dwarves. Rounding this out are descriptions of major locations in this realm, and key natural and architectural elements and mysteries that may be discovered.

The third post is a series of Dominion stats for both Upper and Lower Stoutfellow, plus the combined stats of both. It's nicely organized in tabular format, and easily downloadable if you need to store the reference material in your electronic library.

The fourth post details Denwarf-Hurgon, the capital city of Stoutfellow, which simultaneously unites upper and lower Stoutfellow, and defines the two regions as well. Denwarf is the upper city of the capital, while Hurgon is the lower city. The idea alone -- with its opportunities for conflict and architectural spectacle -- cements the attractiveness of this location as a province to visit while in the Alphatian Empire.

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  1. Thanks for the praise, friend! After the last few maps, I do feel a lot more comfortable with Hexographer. Onward!


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