Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Online Tabletop Gaming

Like me, a number of my friends are unable to really carve out a respectable amount of time to run/play RPGs via chat.

However, we are game to retry a play-by-post game. It allows us to play at our respective speeds and availability (except for the poor GM who has to run things), and get a gestalt gaming experience.

Some wild thoughts:
  • Investigation + fast combat -- this is what seems to appeal to me for online games, though I'd appreciate some tactical options and variety in the combat;
  • A shared world approach -- try to convince some other person to run games in his corner of the setting, while I run games in my corner of the setting;
  • Encourage side-quests -- in a semi-sandbox setting, there are any number of side-quests to get involved in, usually due to interesting NPCs;
  • Storylets -- taking a cue from the Fallen London browser game, it helps to craft very specific, stand-alone, clear resolution mini-stories that eventually add up to a larger picture story if the players follow up on them;
  • Easy setting -- trying to find a good online resource for the setting without having to deal with 'canon' issues.
More on this later.

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