Wednesday, April 4, 2012

On the Radar: Two Earthdawns

Writing deadline done, short story sent, time for a little catch-up on the blog. Sorry for the gap in posting!

Earthdawn's Pathfinder on a Savage World

As part of the licenses mentioned in the Fading Suns post a few days back, RedBrick picked up a Savage World license and also indicated a Pathfinder version for it. However, recent releases show that they've already done something for Earthdawn along those lines.

Feast your eyes on Earthdawn Pathfinder and Earthdawn Savage Worlds -- different rulesets, same Earthdawn setting.

I'll be honest -- I think it may have a chance at broadening the setting fans. I loved the setting, but I wasn't really keen at the time on learning another rule system.

Now, this may pull me into the Pathfinder world of rules (which I've avoided as an offshoot of 3.5E) or pull me into the Savage World realm of rules (which has intrigued me due to the many supporters that it's garnered).

And just maybe the strategy will work for Fading Suns as well! But I'm not the whole of the gaming 'verse. Time will tell.

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