Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Return to Champions

Well, we're using a newer edition. It's
actually 5th edition + house rules.

Because my Old Gaming Group (OGG) has been playing via e-mail, I finally rebuilt my old Champions character -- a martial artist with a chainmail costume, plus a shield and a grappling hook chain weapon (a kawanaga).

He's called the Kawanga Kid (he couldn't quite figure out the name of the weapon), but in this advanced timeline he can't be a 'kid' anymore. Furthermore, I was pushed by my current gaming tastes to add some texture to the character, mix in some wrinkles into the origins, and flesh out what he's been doing for the past two decades since I played him.

I began thinking about all the elements of his character, and then started writing down some names for aspects of his abilities and identity. Here are some of them:
  • Death Knight
  • Kawanga Kid
  • Disciple of the Storm Fist
  • Kawal ng Kadena (Soldier of the Chain)
  • Jack of Shields
  • Chosen of the Adamantine Aegis

And I realized that I had a whole background taking shape before my eyes.

I reorganized my character sheet, rebuilt my character, and am now thinking about how I'm going to rewrite his origin to incorporate all these expanded elements.

It's interesting and embarrassing to see how simplistic, transparent, and derivative my old character was. It's interesting to see how I choose to reshape it now.


  1. Oh, how I can relate.

    My very first Champions character (using that exact same 2e book as your graphic), was named The Cheetah. He ran, and had claws. And that was about it, because I didn't want to bog him down with Disads.

    Man. Was he boring.

  2. Just about to start playing Champions again myself. Really looking forward to it.


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