Friday, March 2, 2012

Big Ol' Sale on a ton of books at DriveThruRPG & RPGNow

This is one of the biggest sales of the year from DriveThruRPG, and they've only got it up until Mar 7, 2012. They call it their GM's Day Sale -- most, if not all, the books on sale are really geared towards making a GM's life easier.

And we players want that, right? It means we get more gaming time in, and occasionally get to try out new RPGs or settings without having to run it ourselves.

So go out and buy your GM a new RPG or RPG sourcebook today!

Noteworthy Items

Old school game collectors may want to pick up PDF copies of Bushido, Space Opera, Aftermath!, and Flashing Blades for archival purposes.

OSR devotees may wish to peruse Goblinoid Games' offerings for Labyrinth Lord, TimeMaster, and Mutant Future and finally pick up a copy of Realms of Crawling Chaos.

A Call of Cthulhu fan? Look at all the Chaosium items on sale!

One of the few Elric game groups and looking to buy your GM a whole slew of old school Elric! and 4th edition Stormbringer rulebooks and source material? Always wanted to play Hawkmoon? Looking for some more material for that Legend RPG you heard about that's based on the last Runequest rules incarnation under Mongoose? Want to pick up some Traveller stuff on the cheap? Go to Mongoose's page and browse for some deals.

Want to complete your Heavy Gear collection of sourcebooks, or get all the ship diagrams for your Jovian Chronicles-inspired campaign? Visit Dream Pod 9's page.

Looking to grab all the older sourcebooks for Fading Suns from Holistic Design to prepare for RedBrick's release of the 3rd edition rulebooks later this year? A fan of Cubicle 7's Doctor Who, The Laundry, Qin, Clockwork & Chivalry, or Airship Pirates RPGs? Been itching to try the Marvel Heroic Roleplaying RPG? Or the other Cortex Plus stuff like Smallville and Leverage and Supernatural?

Go to this sale! I mean, even Eden Studios has their Army of Darkness and the Buffy Corebooks marked down by 50%!

Shopping Tips

Go through the sale, and just keep adding stuff to your wishlist. Don't think, just do it! When you're done, then begin picking from your wishlist and select the things you REALLY REALLY want, add them to your shopping cart and buy them.

Once you're done, share the wishlist (with all your remaining items) with your family, friends, and fellow RPG players with a subtle hint that they can do their birthday / Christmas shopping early buy availing of this one week sale!

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