Saturday, January 21, 2012

Armchair Reviews: Mystic Empyrean RPG Corebook

Here's the thing. I obviously read a bunch of RPG material, and I occasionally pick up nice shiny things and read them as part of my gamer explorations. I picked up the Mystic Empyrean RPG Corebook and gave it a read.
Despite the fact that I've never really playtested this thing, after reading it -- I can say it's really not my thing.

And yet, it's a good book. It does a lot of things well. It explains the core premise of the game, it exhaustively covers the setting (written explanations interspersed with lists), it provides examples of gameplay to really illustrate for players and GMs how a game in this off-the-beaten path setting and ruleset might play out. It has good art, nicely laid out pages, well-organized text.

Ultimately though, it's not the kind of game or the kind of premise that I'd be interested in playing in for an extended campaign. However, I'm re-reading it for some way to do a quicker character and campaign progression since the ability to create multiple universes does intrigue me -- just not for very long campaigns really.

I don't know if it's a good game, but it seems to be a well put together RPG corebook for a setting that I wouldn't be interested in running, but maybe I would be interested in playing it for short mini-campaigns.

And for that reason, I give it four stars.

That's the truth though, I think it's well put together as a book but that it may be my preference that really took the wind out of its sails.

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