Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hari Ragat: Boar Hunt

Inspired by the first Hari Ragat actual play report (good job GM Dariel and Players), which does tackle a boar hunt as part of its very lengthy text, I wanted to post this picture, also from the art done by Gener Pedrina.

One of the bad things about hunting in the jungle in the rain: things can sneak up on you due to the visual cover (trees and vines and shrubbery) and the noise (rain, rain on leaves, thunder and lightning).


  1. beautiful illo! i've yet to get a reply from Ner, maybe you can check if that's still his current email address?

    good thing you pointed out the cover of noise as well. i'll use that element at the next opportunity!

  2. Right! Messaged him -- he should have e-mailed you by now.


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