Sunday, October 23, 2011

Enigmundia: The Library of Bone

This fantastic image can be seen in greater detail here.
In the Underground, that strange maze of caverns and passageways that link between the Hollow World and the Spires of the Kingdom of the Wheel, there is rumored to be a library of skulls.

Perhaps it is in the Empire of the Ossiarchs, where Liches rule over skeletal armies. Or perhaps it is in the lost lair of the Bone Savants -- the masters of the magics of bone and blood.

Wherever it is, it is said that those who know how may speak with the spirits of these skulls. In life, they were wizards, mages, and loremasters of great power and knowledge. Many were plucked from their graves, some were taken forcibly in life, and a few were -- ahem -- rescued from otherwise ignominious fates across Enigmundia to find final refuge here.


  1. Interesting.

    In a pre-apoc game a friend was running, a genie's lamp was found by a weapons designer, and he used it to unravel the fabric of our reality. One effect was that Canada was turned into a mausoleum ruled by liches. This post reminds me of it, a bit. :)

  2. Oh dear. That wasn't very smart of the weapon's designer...

    Interesting element of an apocalyptic event though...

  3. I like it! Ossiarchs is a cool coinage, too.

  4. Trey has it right when he compliments the Ossiarch term.

    It was the weapon designer's intention to undo the world. It took many forms.

  5. @Trey and @Timeshadows: Thank you for the compliments, but alas the coinage is not mine -- it came from my GM Dean Alfar, who runs our regular homebrew gaming sessions. The High Ossiarch was one of the more powerful forms of my shard known initially as Ossis Potior (Bone Collector).


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