Monday, August 1, 2011

Warders of the Diamond Grey Legion

It's been a while since my last Isle: Imperium post, but deadlines are prohibitive so, here's a short post.

When the Diamond Red Legion fell to the machinations of the Grand Scholar of the Court of Chaos, there was a way to rebuild it.

When rebuilt -- in record time -- the New Diamond Grey Legion had the following positions to fill:
  • the Diamond Silver Sallet Warder (role: oversight)
  • the Diamond Ash Gorget Warder (role: strategy)
  • the Diamond Midnight Cloak Warder (role: operations)
  • the Diamond Smoke Vambrace Warder (role: communications)
  • the Diamond Shadow Bevor Warder (role: intelligence)
  • the Diamond Coal Greave Warder (role: recruitment and training)
  • the Diamond Obsidian Couter Warder (role: finances)

These are the ruling warders of the Diamond Grey Legion.

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