Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Crap -- Blogger Isn't Working. The Editor Just Keeps Loading! BRB!

Emergency over -- seems like Blogger has fixed things.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled blog.

(update -- 13 and 14 May 2011)

Well, I guess not. All day 13 May 2011 (philippine time), Blogger was moved back to an earlier backup (I suppose) and inaccessible. When it finally became available this morning -- 14 May 2011 (philippine time) -- one of my blog posts had no text or images, but retained its Stats and the images were still available on Picasa!

Had to reconstruct it, but lost the comments. Oh well. Hope that's over with.


  1. Sorry, blog readers.

    For some reason, even after clearing the cache and trying other browsers and restarting my PC I just get the loading circle in the editor box. I checked Blogger's outstanding issues and apparently I'm not alone.

    It was just working yesterday, darn it.

    Well, I'll be back to my regular posts as soon as this is resolved. (Y'hear that, Blogger?)

  2. Not sure if this will help, but Blogger/Google can be really touchy about cookie settings. If there's a box to 'accept all cookies' or 'accept third party cookies', try to allow them and be liberal in the security settings as an experiment.

    Because Google insists on bouncing data all over the place, it's always possible that other connection factors (ISP/router) can be part of the problem.

    If all else fails, it might not hurt to shut down your computer, restart your router, and then boot up and let your network stuff refresh.

  3. Try using Windows Live Writer. Then again, something may be wrong with Google as a whole right now, I'm having problems getting files from my Gmail account.


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